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A community for fans of the Myron Bolitar series.

MBReps: Representing Fans of Myron Bolitar et. al.
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The first Myron Bolitar Livejournal community (that we know of)
This is a community for fans of the Myron Bolitar novels by Harlan Coben. Come here to talk about the series, review individual books, speculate... even share fanworks (like icons or fiction.)

Please remember these few rules when visiting the community:

1) Be polite. Don't attack any of the posters here and entertain opposing views with patience and civility.

2) Be on-topic. Anything related to Harlan Coben and the Myron Bolitar series is welcome. Anything unrelated is not - simple.

3) Be considerate. Assume, for safety's sake, that there are visitors to the community who have not read past Deal Breaker and put anything that could be considered "spoilery" under a cut.

4) Be cautious. If you write fanfiction about Myron Bolitar or any of the other characters and situations that can be considered the intellectual property of Harlan Coben, put a disclaimer in the header of your piece saying as much. Include the other standard fare as well: author's name, title, rating, pairing (if there is one), warnings, summary.

5) Have fun :) Spread the word. Rec the Bolitar series to all listeners.

Contact nevcolleil with any comments or questions.


In case you haven't got it by now - Myron Bolitar and all other characters, situations found in the novels Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away, Back Spin et. al. are the sole intellectual property of author Harlan Coben. We only come here to praise and flatter through imitation. Nothing posted here should be for profit. No infringement is intended.

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